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Sheena Hendon Health is an integrated health clinic focusing on children and women’s health. I take a holistic approach to our consultations, workshops and courses, going beyond the physical and recognising the part mental, social and emotional play in our health and wellbeing.

Drawing upon 25 years of clinical practice in mind body medicine, my passion lies in providing you and your family with individual, professional natural healthcare enabling you to think, feel, be and look as healthy and well as possible.



Do you think you might have hormonal imbalance?

– Eat Well –

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Whether you are looking to prevent disease in the future or combat illness today, food & nutrition – what, how, why and when we eat, and our relationship with food, play an important part in how we think, look, feel and be. Our digestive system and diet is often an integral part of what we do – whether the focus is weight balance, treating a health condition or maintaining wellness. We work with babies, children and adults in many areas; baby first foods, picky eaters, allergies, picky eaters, allergies, family menus, sports performance, weight management, diets (FODMAPS, low carbs, Glycaemic Index) and more.

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– Be Well

Alternative Medicine. Rosemary, mint, chamomile, thyme in a glass mortar. Essential oils and herbal supplements.

Our role is to partner you to identify and remove barriers to your wellness by exploring biochemical, nutritional and emotional imbalances and creating healing internal and external environments. We aim to treat both cause and symptoms and develop individualised treatment plans or programmes that may include nutrition & lifestyle changes, exercise & activity plans, mind-body coaching, herbal medicines and supplements. We work with all ages, treating allergies & intolerances, hormonal imbalances, arthritis, insomnia, digestive problems, skin conditions, depression & anxiety and many more.

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– Feel Well

Mental, emotional, psychological and neural wellness are integral to restore and maintain optimal health, happiness and vitality. That is why our transformational mind-body coaching and courses are an important part of our holistic health model. Trained in Neuro-linguistic programming, wellness coaching and kinesiology, we support kids and adults to combat daily and, or businesses challenges – from improving relationships and communications, changing beliefs and behaviours and building confidence to managing health issues such as migraines, stress, anxiety, weight, pain & allergies

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My son had recurring ear infections for over a year and a couple of burst ear drums!! After working with Sheena his ears are clear and his health is fantastic. We are looking forward to a winter of wellness.
- Sally F

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