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Have you been doing everything you can think of to lose those extra kilos – eating the right foods, exercising like mad and still packing on the weight? Then you may not have addressed the underlying medical issues such as problems with your biochemistry or your metabolism. Of course poor food and drink choices, your beliefs causing unhelpful behaviours and emotional eating are the main components of weight gain – but by sorting out the underlying physical imbalances will help to get these under control too.


Weight loss resistance can happen for a variety of reasons…

Dealing with weight loss resistance

Every week I see more and more clients who are at their wits end – they have tried this and that diet, go to the gym every day yet still can’t lose weight. Yet they aren’t lying about their eating and activity…so what can they do?

Find out what are your underlying imbalances

By coming to see Sheena Hendon health you can start to find out what metabolic or biochemical imbalances are present.By carrying out a full consultation, including physical and mental health history, biological testing (such as urine analysis, allergy testing and blood tests) we can develop a strategy for dealing with the medical, physical and emotional causes and symptoms

You will come away with a plan that address any endocrine, thyroid, adrenal, liver…problems and with this baseline information we develop a plan that works for you as an individual. The plan may include

  • A meal plan – assisting you to get the right number of meals and nutrients every day
  • An activity plan – do you need more cardiovascular or resistance activity? What is the right exercise for to help right those imbalances and lose weight?
  • Deal with sleep deprivation issues
  • Address unhelpful emotional and belief issues
  • Help you to manage stress with practical answers and supported with biotherapy and nutrition.
  • Ensuring you have the right vitamins, minerals, and cofactors in your diet to assist with sugar cravings, stress, sleep, detoxification and so forth to support health weight lossFor more information about how I can help call me on 021 316677 or contact me here or check out our weight loss programmes

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