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Pregnancy Clinic – Beautiful Beginnings

Congratulations on your pregnancy and well done on  making a conscious decision to do the best you can for yourself and your  growing baby. Pregnancy is such a wonderful natural state – a time for  joy, anticipation and planning.

We  partner pregnant women in making informed choices and together we  choose treatments and products that work, in synergy, to achieve a  healthy and well mother and baby.

What do we offer?
Our health specialists will work with you to  support you in an amazing pregnancy and birth experience.

We  offer natural ways to encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth, as well  as a range of solutions for complications including morning sickness,  heartburn, back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, pregnancy and birth  emotional issues, postnatal depression and overdue pregnancy.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy health consultations:
Run  by fully qualified holistic health coach, clinical nutritionist,  kinesiologist and a NLP/lifecoaching practitioner, consultations are  tailored  to your individual needs. Sessions may include;

1. Looking at lifestyle changes: Identifying  and coping with stress; identifying and managing emotional needs;  understanding and avoiding exposure to toxins; avoiding radiation damage  and addressing weight issues and exercise.

2. Diet and nutrition needs:  Women who eat a balanced, nutritious diet and take the correct  supplements during pregnancy may prevent complications associated with  poor nutrition, achieve a easy and natural birth process and improve the  long-term health and wellbeing of the baby as well as makes it easier  to get your body back to normal after the birth and with breastfeeding.

3. Immune function and infections.  Increased hormones in pregnancy result in changes to your immune  system, potentially making you more susceptible to allergies and  intolerances. These changes may require natural ways to reduce the risk  of infections and manage any infections that occur.

4. Supplementation and natural products;  Advising and prescribing chemical free household cleaners, makeup and  beauty products, herbs and supplements safe to use during pregnancy and  breastfeeding.

5. Emotional Support.  Whether you have anxiety around the pregnancy or birth, suffer from  post natal depression … or wish to change limiting beliefs and  behaviours around being a mum or the birth our NLP practitioner (also  training as a kinesiologist) can assist


There  is no better time than now to learn to meditate – not only may it help  minimise stress, boost immunity and reduce complications but it may  provide you with useful ways to cope with the birth process, a new baby  and to increase energy levels. We can teach you skills in our private  one hour sessions or in our group courses.

Courses & workshops
Sheena Hendon Health  offers a number of courses and workshops for mums and parents such as nutrition during pregnancy  and beyond… Check out our website  or contact us for more details.

Contact Sheena Hendon Health on 021 316677 or by email for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic soon.