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Kinesiology & Muscle Balancing

Created  by chiropractors in the 1960s and based on Chinese medicine,  kinesiology evaluates and teaches us to restore our body’s natural  energy. Using acupressure and touch such as muscle testing we can  improve postural balance, reduce physical, emotional or mental pain and  tension, prevent and treat illnesses and help determine food allergies  or intolerances.

Muscle testing, a part of kinesiology, is used to access the body’s  ‘bio-computer’ using a biofeedback mechanism. It communicates the body’s  subconscious awareness to the client and the practitioner, which is  then used to help treat any challenge that arises.

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Health Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology has a significant impact on a wide range of health and well-being issues. Kinesiology can:

  • Enhance learning
  • Boost sports performance
  • Eliminate emotional, physical and mental stress
  • Help with finances and decision making
  • Pin-point and eliminate allergic reactions (IMRs)
  • Help overcome past trauma
  • Identify nutritional deficiency or excess
  • Help overcome fears and phobias
  • Aid the healing of muscle injuries

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Anger Management

Emotional ‘Baggage’

Fears and Phobias


Learning Difficulties


Neck/Back Pain and Sciatica

Physical Healing


Post-Surgery Pain


Respiratory difficulties

Sports Performance

Stress – Exams

Stress – Job and Family

Substance Abuse


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Sheena Hendon Health NLP and Kinesiology Programmes
Coaching  can last for 2 or 3 sessions for some clients and up to 5-10  for  others. Again, this depends on the circumstances and goals of  each  client. Our sessions run from one hour long to two to three hours depending on the issue we are dealing with.

Casual sessions
75 minute initial consultation $140
90 minute consultation: $170
2 hour consultation $230

Transforming your life
A  three to five hour session can have you working through an issue and  transforming part of  your life and may be more effective for you than a  number of sessions.
$330 to $550 for a block session

Redesign your life
Our most popular package is our 5 sessions where you work with your NLP coach to
make changes in your life. The programme is totally individualised for your needs and may include;

  • Create a vision and goals designed to be achieved
  • Recognise limiting beliefs and recreate your identity
  • Understand yourself and remove blocks to potential
  • Create resource anchors for your use anywhere, anytime
  • Build skills
  • Explore and redesign values
    $550 for five session  

Weight Management Programme
This  is a series of three one hour long NLP sessions focusing on   changing  limiting and unfulfilling beliefs and behaviours associated   with over  eating. This may include sabotage, exercise motivation, past   trauma…
$330 for three session

Other programmes

We also run a number of programmes such as:

Quit smoking – $520 for three sessions over two weeks and a follow up session two weeks later.

Energy and vitality – $390 for three 75 minute sessions

All programmes may be paid in instalments

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