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Unfortunately hormonal imbalance is becoming more and  more common, and the related symptoms and conditions associated with it  can be devastating. Anything from PMT right through to depression and endometriosis can result from an imbalance in our hormonal health.

Who suffers from hormonal imbalance?
It  used to be that puberty and menopause were the only times our focus  turned to out hormones, but nowadays we see women of all ages plagued by  a disruption in their hormones.

Why has it become so common?
In  general we have many more hormonal disruptors in our lives than ever  before. Some scientists have been known to say we are ‘swimming in a sea  of chemicals’ that disrupt our natural hormonal balance. They are in  our air, our food and in our water. Petrochemicals, personal care  products, agrochemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, and plastics.  All these have the ability to mimic our own hormones, particularly  oestrogen. When this happens we become ‘oestrogen dominant’ which can  contribute to conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, low libido,  fatigue, early puberty, weight gain, irregular periods, infertility,  swollen painful breasts and more.

What about nutrition?
Poor  diet and nutrition can often trigger hormonal imbalance. Our bodies  need a fine balance of the right fats, proteins and carbohydrates as  well as vitamins minerals and trace elements. If we get this balance  right it can make a huge difference to our hormonal symptoms. There are  certain ways to help clear excess oestrogens through diet and nutrition,  and everyone requires advice specific to their unique symptoms.

Should I take supplements and herbs?
Supplements  and herbs can have amazing effects in the area of hormonal health.   Herbs have a long history of use in this area and although they must be  prescribed with each patient’s symptoms in mind and by a herbalist, they  are generally very safe and side-effect free.

Certain supplements  have a balancing effect on hormonal health such as evening primrose oil  for swollen breast and hormonal acne, or magnesium for menstrual cramps.  There are dozens of other useful nutrients that can be helpful  depending on your symptoms.

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What can I do to get back in balance?

1. Take our hormonal profile questionnaire
Just  fill in the Hormonal health assessment questionnaire and submit to Sheena Hendon Health. We can then  advise you whether our hormonal balance programme is right for you or  advise you on what other steps you may wish to take.

2. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment

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