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We take a holistic approach in our consultations recognising the part physical, mental, social and emotional play in our health and wellbeing.

We will look at what you eat, your activity, how well your organs, from adrenal and thyroid glands to liver and digestive system, and hormones, are working and how what you think and feel may be influencing your health and wellness. We will assess all these things to work out what part each plays in the health issues you may have. 

WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR FIRST CONSULTATION? Our new patient first consultation is completed over one or two appointments. The first appointment is 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration and is for fact-finding – including an in-depth discussion regarding your current state of health, past health history, issues you wish to work on and outcomes you desire. We will ask about your diet, activity and emotional health, so we get the big picture about what is going on for you.

Once we have discussed your requirements, we will do relevant tests in the practice such as zinc tally test, urinary pH test, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, physical examinations such as thyroid or digestive system palpitation and weight and body composition. We may also arrange external tests such as blood and stool tests and functional tests such as  Gene Profiling or Nutrigenomics, Hormonal DUTCH test, SIBO breath test, allergy and food sensitivity tests and more.

The second appointment (if needed), typically 30 minutes long, personal consultation to present our Report of Findings and explain in detail what is going on for you and outline the treatment plan and protocol.

Depending on the complexity of your health issue(s) we may need an additional half hour in advance of the second appointment, to interpret your testing results and develop your health plan. No surprises, we promise – we will agree on the length of time of the session at your first consultation or the time of booking.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOUR FOLLOW-UP REVIEW(S)? The length and duration of your follow-ups will depend on the individual. Once you move on to a Wellness Maintenance programme, you may wish to come for three or four visits a year or even just for an annual check-up.

The follow-up review sessions (typically 15 to 30 minutes) are the ideal time to check in and make sure you are keeping on-track, to go through any questions/challenges you have or to learn about further ways to get the results you want. We aim to partner you through the good and bad on your journey to health and wellness.

The number of review sessions you need (and when) will totally depend on you as an individual. We do recommend that you plan ahead and book your first review at the 4-week mark so that we can ensure that you are heading in the right direction to meet your health and wellness goals. This consultation may be critical for us to be able to tweak the plan and change your lifestyle, diet and or prescribed herbal medicines or phytonutrients to get the best results.

HOW DO I GET ANSWERS TO BURNING QUESTIONS OR ISSUES? From time to time you may need a quick answer to a general health question which we are happy to answer via email.

However, we appreciate that everyone is different and we want to give you as much personalised attention as we can – so if your question entails research or a review of your file or current health issue, then we ask you to book in for a 15 or 30-minute face to face, Skype or telephone consultation.  We are also happy to respond by email for these consultations.  The consultation charge is set out below.

We do not charge for repeat prescriptions, however, to assist us in completing your prescription smoothly and accurately, we ask that you check out the guidelines below.

ACUTE CONDITION CONSULTATIONS. Patients sometimes have conditions that need to be seen immediately – from colds and flu to ear infections. I ensure that I have at least one to two 15/30 minute appointments available throughout the day for just this reason. Please call or text Mobile 021 316677 in this situation as I will check my phone regularly.

New patients are encouraged to book in for a 75 minute or 2-hour consultation. Please see 

As well as consultations we offer other services to help you and your family to think, feel, look and be the best possible.

We have a regular newsletter VITAL NEWS which provides you with up to date evidence-based research articles and information, recipes, VIP competitions and more. Email if you would like to receive our newsletter and or details of our regular WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS.

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Retirement village or home visits. We can make home or retirement village visit for patients unable to come to us.

Supermarket tours. One of the challenges people face when they want to get healthy and eat well is how to navigate the supermarket aisles, understand food labels or be able to put together a nutritious meal. We can help you to shop confidently and be able to put together a healthy menu on any budget.

Please contact me via email ( or mb 021316677 to discuss your requirements

Consultation fees include all costs including internal tests, research and treatment plan and protocol development outside of the time I spend with you. Please got to Fees for more information