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Holistic Health & Weight Loss Programmes

Lose weight naturally, safely and permanently with our personalised weight management programmes

  • Individually tailored to your needs
  • Simple, convenient and easy to follow
  • Safe, effective and proven results
  • Qualified, experienced REGISTERED nutritionist & naturopath as your coach
  • Address mind, body, metabolic and hormonal factors
  • Correct biochemical and metabolic imbalances
  • Private sessions
  • From as little as $4.50 a day
  • Adopt new beliefs, behaviours, and habits
  • Learn how to practice Mindful Eating
  • May include the Non diet approach to long term weight loss

  • We approach weight-loss differently.
  • That’s what will give you long-term success

Read more about Sheena’s approach to weight management

Why a coach? For the same reason that you would expect to employ a fitness expert if you wanted to be the best at a sport, or business mentor if you wanted to improve your business performance…Your qualified health coach is able to discover the underlying health imbalances such as metabolic, endocrine, digestive and liver issues that may be causing your weight gain. She will also partner, train and support you in changing any unhelpful beliefs, habits and behaviours and in realising your goals, including achieving long-term weight loss. Mindful Eating may become part of the programme depending on your needs.

Your Coach, Sheena Hendon is a qualified and registered Nutritionist, registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist and NLP Master Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in and success with weight loss.

The non-diet approach to weight loss
Sheena practises non-diet dieting: In simplistic terms, the Non-Diet Approach is a flexible, gentle way of choosing what to eat and when with no guilt, body shaming or restrictions. It goes against the traditional view of achieving weight loss via dieting/energy restriction. The primary aim is to banish the practices of dieting and instead promote a more holistic approach that encompasses emotional and physical health. The Non-Diet Approach focuses on optimising health and well-being through health-related behaviours. At its core are building skills in responding to internal eating cues, developing self-care and a non- judgemental attitude towards self and food.

Your programme and consultation options:

You have three weight management programme options


Sheena Hendon Health 8 – week health & weight reset programme:

A holistic approach to health. This programme is ideal for those who wish to lose weight over an 8 – week period while addressing underlying mind/body causes of the weight gain, if necessary. All meal plans, lifestyle, dietary and exercise plans are developed by a qualified and Registered Nutritionist and Registered Naturopath. Developed to get long-term, sustainable results safely. (Realistic, health and weight goals to be agreed by you and your health and wellness coach) Read more


The New You Programme. 

Sick of being sick, overweight, depressed or generally out of shape, mentally, physically or emotionally? Or you may feel that although you are in good condition, you wish to do even better but need a coach to show you how or keep you on track. Then the New You 2018 programme could be the answer for you, your kids, partner, family or friends. Read more


90-minute kick start weight loss session

This 90-minute session is ideal for those who wish to be pointed in the right direction by nutrition and holistic health professionals and then left to implement the plan on their own. After the session, we send you off with nutrition/meal plan guidelines, lifestyle, dietary and exercise plans which are developed by a qualified and Registered Nutritionist and Registered Naturopath just for you. Developed to get long-term, sustainable results safely. (Realistic, health and weight goals to be agreed by you and your health and wellness coach Book now

OTHER OPTIONS (available as add ons for each programme)

NLP & kinesiology for weight loss

Check out Sheena Hendon Health Neuro Linguistic Programming consultations and programmes. This is a series of one hour long NLP/Kinesiology sessions focusing on changing limiting and unfulfilling beliefs and behaviours associated with overeating, as well as eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. This may include sabotage, exercise motivation, past trauma…We also teach Mindful Eating practices the NLP way.


Our commitment is to partner our clients in achieving optimum health and wellness through permanent weight loss.