We take a holistic approach in our consultations recognising the part physical, mental, social and emotional play in our health and wellbeing.

We will take a look at what you eat, your activity, how well your organs  – from adrenal and thyroid glands to liver and digestive system, and hormones are working and how what you think and feel may be associated with your health and wellness. We will assess all these things to work out what part each plays in the health issues you may have 

What to expect at your consultation

1. New Patient Consultations

Our new patient consultation is completed over one or two appointments.

The first appointment is 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration and is for fact finding – including an in-depth discussion regarding your current state of health, past health history, issues you wish to work on and outcomes you desire. We will ask about your diet, activity and emotional health, so we get the big picture about what is going on for you.

Once we have discussed your individual requirements, we will do relevant tests in the practice such as zinc tally test, urinary indicans testing, PH test, ABO blood type testing, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, weight and body composition. We may also arrange external tests such as blood and stool tests, Gene Profiling or Nutrigenomics, and allergy and intolerance tests.

Note: depending on the severity of your health issues and the tests we need to do, we may need a separate half hour testing consultation – this I will carry out without you present.

The second appointment typically 30 minutes long is for your Report of Findings where I will explain in detail what is going on for you and outline the treatment plan and protocol.

The New Patient appointments are usually completed within a week. This may depend on whether we are waiting for external test results.

Ongoing consultations.The length and duration will depend on the individual and will be discussed at your initial consultation

Once you move on to a  Wellness Maintenance programme, you will come for three or four visits a year.

Consultation fees include all costs including internal test costs research and treatment plan and protocol development outside of the time I spend with you.

2. Follow up Consultations and Client Reviews

Follow-up reviews and testing will depend on the needs of the individual. Consultations are typically 15 to 30 minutes in duration.

Please book in today for a consultation. Please note it can sometimes take a few weeks to get in to see me, but you can ask to be put on a cancellation list.

3. Acute Conditions Consultations

Clients sometimes have conditions that need to be seen immediately – from colds and flu to ear infections. I ensure that I have a number of 15 minutes appointments throughout the day for just this reason. Please call Mobile 021 316677 in this situation as I will check my phone regularly

4. Transformational Life Coaching, NLP and Muscle Balancing Consultations
New patients are encouraged to book in for a 75 minute of 2-hour consultation. Please see Transformational Life Coaching & NLP decide how long you may need, contact me to discuss your requirements or to book in book now